We currently distribute the following sustainable products:

wholesale glass straws, bamboo toothbrushes wholesale & stainless steel bottles wholesale


  • wholesale glass straws by Strawesome

    • reuable glass straws made from borosilicate glass in different colours and styles

    • regular glass straws, smoothie glass straws, cocktail glass straws, skinny glass straws, bubble tea straws, just for kids glass straws

    • borosilicate glass (strongest available glass)

    • lifetime guarantee against breakage

    • handmade in the US by Strawesome

​​<img  data-cke-saved-src="glass-straws-reusable-straws-drinking-straws-glass src="glass-straws-reusable-straws-drinking-straws-glass straws-uk-a-fine-choice-poppy-smoothie-straw-small.jpg" alt="glass-straws-reusable-straws-drinking-straws-glass straws-uk-a-fine-choice-poppy-smoothie-straw-small" />


  • bamboo toothbrushes wholesale by Hydrophil

    • sustainable bamboo toothbrush

    • biodegradable

    • bristles are made of Nylon4

    • different colours and styles available (bamboo toothbrush kids, bamboo toothbrush for adults)


  • wholesale stainless steel bottles by Green Bottle

    • ​reusable water bottles in different sizes and designs for adults, kids & dogs

    • BPA free

    • ideal for on the go, sports, travel, holiday, lunch bag  


You are... 

               ... a shop that sells vegan products or

               ... a shop who wants to replace plastic products with sustainable products?

               ... a restaurant, hotel or cocktailbar?

               ... a green market or grocery store?

               ... a caterer or a smoothie bar? 

               ... a dentist?  

               ... a healthy cafe?

               ... Department store?

               ... Gift shop? Kitchen store? 

               ... Spa / salon?

               ... or any other store?


If so you might be interested in our wholesale bamboo toothbrushes by Hydrophil, our BPA free wholesale glass straws by Strawesome and/or our BPA free bottles made out of stainless steel by Green Bottle 

What you need to do:

If you want to become a wholesaler please register with us below and we are happy to provide you with all the details you need.

Once your registration is confirmed you will be able to see the trade prices of our wholesale bamboo toothbrushes by Hydrophil, bpa free bottles by Green Bottle & Strawesome wholesale glass straws directly on the website.

Minimum order quantities wholesale

The first wholesale order requires a minimum of either

  • 40 pcs for Strawesome wholesale glass straws
  • 5 units of wholesale bamboo toothbrushes by Hydrophil, 1 unit = 12 bamboo toothbrushes
  • 24 pcs for bpa free bottles by Green Bottle

Shipping: We aim to dispatch all our wholesale orders within 1-2 working days. Shipping costs will be added to your total and depend on the order amount.


The wholesale price of the glass straws, water bottles and bamboo toothbrushes is 40% off the RRP and there is no VAT coming on top as we are not VAT registered.  


Agents wanted -

we would love to have you on board to sell our glass straws by Strawesome, bamboo toothbrushes by Hydrophil and stainless steel bottles by Green Bottle within the UK!

We are currently looking for independent sales reps to help further develop the whole UK on a commission base. This is either a full time or a part time opportunity with flexible working hours. If you are already an agent and you are looking to add more products please get in touch and we can discuss details. Or if you want to work around your kids like I do this could be something for you too. Please get in touch for details.

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