Personalised Drink Bottles as promotional material / promotional stainless steel water bottles


Are you looking for new ideas for promotional material?

Do you want to impress when organizing an event?

Supporting a trade show?

Or you just need some gifts or giveaways for your valuable customers?



Personalised drink bottles: we can get our BPA free bottles by Green Bottle personalised with your company, school or organisation's logo or design! 

  • great way to support your team or promote your business while staying eco-friendly and keeping our planet green
  • due to their long lifespan and durability promotional stainless steel water bottles are a long lasting promotional item
  • Our BPA free water bottles are the healthier option compared to plastic and aluminium water bottles and can be cleaned much easier. Plastic and aluminium bottles can cause health problems due to chemicals such as Bisphenol a (BPA).
  • Additionally our BPA free bottles by Green Bottle are elegant and stylish which is very important to many people.


Ordering - Information we need:

  • quantity, minimum order quantity: 50
  • size of the bottle: 600ml or 750ml
  • colour of the bottle: please choose from colours of bottles on website or enquire the colour you would like 
  • cap: travel cap (twist cap) or sports cap
  • decide on your logo: how many colours do you need

Lead Time: once the design is ready we aim to deliver your bottles in around 2-3 weeks




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