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03/03/15 San Francisco bans sale of plastic water bottles on city property #reusable stainless steel bottles

23/02/15 Multiple Sklerosis may be linked to a lower intake of key nutrients #health

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Disposable Products and their impact on the environment

EU gives the go ahead to banning plastic bags to meet new green targets: Plan to reduce usage by 80% by 2017 (Dailymail, 04/11/2013)


Drinking through a straw healthier for your teeth NHS Kids' teeth Q&As

Sip through a straw and save your teeth Medical News Today, June 2005

Fizzy drinks: more facts and fiction, Dentists recommend drinking from a straw, Daily Mail April 2014

Reasons to use drinking straws, Examiner September 2012

BPA - Bisphenol a and their impact on our health

Migraines link to plastic cups and bottles: 'Gender-bending' chemical in packaging may trigger the attacks (Dailymail 03/12/13)

What is Bisphenol A (BPA)? (NCT Website)


What are the Potential Health Effects of Bisphenol A?

No more BPA

As part of this campaign, Breast Cancer UK has prepared the No More BPA report, for the use of Government, the media and the public. You can read the report here

Alzheimer relation to Aluminium

Alzheimer Relation to Aluminium

BPA ban in baby bottles (31.05.11) hopefully leads to BPA free bottles only

Read all about the BPA ban in baby bottles here:

BBC News Article (26.November 2010) - EU bans bisphenol A chemical from babies' bottle

The European Commission has announced a ban on the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles from next year.

The commission cited fears that the compound could affect development and immune response in young children.

Read the full article from the BBC here:


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Mums love our BPA free water bottles for kids! (12.10.11)

We've given out a few of our BPA free water bottles for kids to mums throughout the UK to get them tested. All the mums and their kids just loved them. Please find the results here:

Our BPA free water bottles got a briliant review by Green Living Review (12.10.11)

Our BPA free water bottles UK were recently reviewed by Green (Living) Review and were tested as a great stainless steel product.

Please read more here



Waterfacts about drinking water in the UK

UK water suppliers place the highest priority on assuring the quality of water provided to their customers. Strict standards for the quality of the public supply are laid down in national regulations derived from the EU Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC). These standards are based on advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and are regularly reviewed.

View the latest results here:



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