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Daniela-Schaffrik-director-a-fine-choice-eco-friendly-productsAbous How it all started...

As a mum (of three young kids), I always strive to find healthy, natural products for the whole family
One day, a friend of mine told me that at her son’s school the kids drink from plastic bottles (provided by the school). Her son complained about the taste while my friend was worried about the bottles not being environmental friendly and potentially containing BPA (Bisphenol A) which could cause health problems. She loved the stainless steel water bottles my kids were using and we thought about ways to convince some schools to swap from plastic to something healthier.
I started to do some research and enquired prices of different types of non-plastic drinks bottles from various manufacturers...and that’s how I became a distributor for Green Bottle, a bpa-free water bottle from stainless steel that comes in various sizes and lots of different, beautiful designs that not only kids love.
I quickly realised that it is not only schools that might consider swapping from plastic to BPA free Water Bottles but essentially everybody!
My aim is to provide top quality, natural as well as fun products.
In short: A fine choice!
I hope you enjoy the products and my website.
If you have a good experience with us please tell your friends
Thank you for your interest!
Daniela Schaffrik
Founder and Director for “a fine choice"




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