And he said I’ll eat fruits when I am four… or five, six or seven?

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Do you also sometimes wonder how amazing it is that your kids are totally different from each other despite treating them in the same way? I’ll give you an example about eating habits of my three kids.

My first one (a very energetic and demanding boy) always loved to eat fruits and vegetables. My second one (a very calm and easy going boy) started off fine but then totally refused everything that could be healthy for him apart from raspberries and sweet corn. Eventually we talked him into eating peas by telling him it was “green” sweet corn.  My third one (an energetic and very sweet girl) sometimes eats fruits and vegetables and the next time she doesn’t - hence I can’t tell how this will end yet.

So what can one do when your kids just don’t like to eat fruits but you still want to make sure that they have enough vitamins for a healthy start to their lives? I tried out a few ways of getting fruits into my second one including telling him all about vitamins. The effect was that he told me at the age of three that he would start eating fruits once he turned four. On his 4th birthday he held his promise and bit into a piece of apple which I should have filmed as the expression on his face was hilarious. But despite the fun we all had and the cheering he couldn’t swallow it. The same happened with a piece of water melon that he had in his mouth for about 15 minutes – I think he just can’t stand pieces of fruits. So I needed some other ideas and started doing my own smoothies every morning. Yes, it is sometimes time consuming especially when you have to get the lunch box ready whilst doing breakfast and getting the school bag together but it’s well worth the time.

This is our (2 adults, 3 kids) weekly amount of fruits we need for our Smoothies and fruits for snacks:

Our recipe for you to try out:

All you need is a blender plus seasonal fruits and fresh orange juice (I prefer a not from concentrate one without sugar).

“Everyday Smoothie”

500ml of fresh orange juice
1 Apple (skin can stay on)
½ Banana
10 Grapes
1 Pear
1/3 Mango
1 slice of pineapple
+ in Summer: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc.
+ in Winter: oranges, mandarins etc.

If you don’t know which fruit is in season have a look here (I found this overview about seasonal fruits in a German family recipe book). I find it quite helpful.

Blend everything for about a minute and make sure there are no pieces left as they might refuse your yummy smoothie otherwise.

It definitely works for us and all our kids love their morning smoothie. We’ve even successfully introduced to a few friends who were visiting us too. We sometimes even take our blender with us on holiday as otherwise we would all miss something. After drinking our smoothies for over two years now and always using a disposable plastic straw I came across a reusable dishwasher safe glass straw by Strawesome (handmade in the US). It helps the environment and our kids like them because everyone got his own design. To complete the healthy start of the morning I only wish for a non plastic BPA free food processor for Christmas J

And the other day my son was saying: I’ll eat fruits when I am five (he is 4.5 now). We will see…

Hope to see you next week!



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