Glass water filter jugs now available in the UK!

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Glass water filter jugs now available in the UK!

A fine choice ltd is proud to introduce another unique eco product to the UK market: glass water filter jugs by Aqua Select.

When I started my business five years ago I tried to find reusable eco products which were chemical free at the same time. Over time I found quite a few products and substituted many of my household plastic products with reusable non plastic products. The thing that stayed with me over the years though was my plastic water jug (a no name one but similar to the popular Brita ones). Whenever I filtered my water I thought I need to look into getting a glass one as ideally I don’t want to have any plastic in my household.

So I started researching but couldn’t really find what I wanted so I left it again for another while still constantly thinking I wished for a glass one when pouring my water. Until I did another online research and found a product which was even made in Europe, in Germany.

I bought myself a sample and tried it out whilst being on holiday in Germany and Mallorca. It survived two flights and hard testing. The water pours into the jug quicker than my old plastic one and the water is fresh and tastes good. The only thing I am not a big fan of is the plastic top where the filter sits in but I feel quite save leaving the glass water filter jug on the kitchen counter exposed to the sun as the water sits in the glass jug and not in plastic anymore The plastic parts are also BPA free. The jug is also so much cleaner than my plastic one and I like the fact it filters 180l per filter which seems like quite a while. Test result: "approved"

The glass water filter jug is made in Germany and consists of a glass jug and a BPA free plastic top to put the filter in. It filters out lime, chlorine and heavy metals and protects your domestic appliances against calcination. It also gives coffee, tea and other beverages a better taste. The product is 100% vegan – not tested on animals and doesn’t contain any animal products.

We’ve got an introductory offer on our glass water filter jug running till end of 2015. Would appreciate your feedback about the our newest addition of reusable and chemical free products.


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Yes, the Brita Maxtra filter fits with the glass water filter jug!
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Will this work with Brita Maxtra filters?

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