Product announcement: a new glass water filter jug available in the UK

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After month and month of researching for an improved glass water filter jug we are happy to announce the PearlCo glass water filter jug is now available in our online store. The benefits of this glass water filter jug are

- it is made from borosilicate glass which is a very strong glass and the filter jug is therefore very sturdy 

- the filter reduces lime scale and removes chlorine, heavy metals and herbicides/pesticides

- it filters up to 150l of water per filter

- it is completely BPA free

- you can use it for cold drinks / coffe & tea / for cooking / for pets und take it with your in your own reusable water bottle (for inspirataion have a look at our stainless steel water bottles)

- it is made in the EU (no China product!)

- it reminds you abouth monthly filter exchange with it's LED exchange reminder

- it has got an ergonomic handle

- it guarantees a stable stand as it's got a non-sliding rubber

- it can be filled without taking the lid off

- it is available in different colours to match your kitchen equipment

As with all our products the glass water filter jug by PearlCo has been tested by myself and my family over the last couple of month and we all love the product and hope you will do so too.

We've decided to take the water filter jug by Aqua Select which we were carrying before off the product range as we had suggested some improvements which the producer didn't share. We are still carrying the multimax cartridges for customers who've already use the glass water filter jug by Aqua Select.






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