How our bamboo toothbrushes are produced

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I believe it's important to our customers to know where our products come from and how they are produced. So today I would like to share a video that the producing company in Germany has created. They have visited the manufacturer and have documented every little step on how our bamboo toothbrushes are produced.

To see the video please follow the link below (only the introduction is in German, the film is without any language as the pictures explain everything)

how our bamboo toothbrushes are produced (video)

The producer has taken a lot of effort to find a manufacturer which delivers high quality products (for example the bristles won't fall out compared to other cheaper productions) and has healthy work conditions in place. They work together for a long time and regularly fly over to controll the production process of the bamboo toothbrushes and work conditions. 

Our bamboo toothbrushes are available via our online shop on for retail customers and are also available on a wholesale basis to shops such as eco friendly stores, online health shops, hotels, dentists and so on. To register your interest in our bamboo toothbrushes as a wholesaler please register your details in our wholesale section


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