Animal Aid's Christmas Fayre December 2017

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As many of you know I only attend a few fairs per year but this one I do every year... 

Every year I get all my different eco products packed in my car and attending the animal Aid's Christmas Fayre in London. This year it is taking place on Sunday, 3rd December 2017 (10am-5pm) at Kensington Town Hall, London, UK. 

I think it's my 7th year I am attending this fayre as a stallholder and I am loving it. There are so many like minded vegan people coming to do their annual Christmas shopping or just to have a chat. Over the years you get to know lovely people who also attend every year. It's amazing and I am truly loving it. Last year they had a fire drill inbetween which was a bit disruptive but still the positive spirit went on immediately afterwards. ​

This year there I will have the following eco products (which zerowaste lovers will like too):


  • stainless steel water bottles in lots of different appealing desings and various sizes
  • glass straws to substitute disposable plastic straws, together with some cases and brushes
  • bamboo products such as bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo toothbrush holder and bamboo toothbrush cases
  • cotton swabs made from bamboo and other bathroom items
  • reusable shopping bags in appealing designs
  • reusable sandwich wraps and packages
  • and some more

Again I will be upstairs with my stall. Please come by, say hello and have a little chat or browse through my selection which you can normally only get online.

I am looking forward to meeting you on the 3rd December in London!

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