Best menstrual cup - the moon cup by Lamazuna now available in the UK in our online shop for eco and zero waste products

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Whenever I add new products to my online shop for eco and zero waste products you will be sure I've tried and tested them out beforehand. I think it is really important to identify with a product. Last weekend I've received the moon cup and have tried it out the whole weekend as it had arrived just in time to be tested. Please read below why I think that this is the best menstrual cup there is.

First of all the moon cup by Lamazuna is vegan, reusable and doesn't contain chemicals such as BPA. Additionally it comes in a little certified organic cotton pouch to store it nicely. My first look and feel impression was of a high quality product which I thought is great. Then I tested if for administering (how easy it was to postition it), how it feels to use it and whether it leaks or not. It fullfilled all my hopes. I couldn't feel it at all whilst in position, it didn't leak and I could easily get it in and t it was easy to get it out (you can pull it out or squeeze it out).    

I also love the fact you can leave it in for 12 hours. For women with heavier periods there is a slightly bigger size (size 2 available) which I didnt' try out but trust it works equally well. 

I am so happy I have overcome my inital feeling of "urgs", have tried it out, have been persistent the moment I didn't know how to postition it and know I will not buy tampons anymore - which by the way should save me some money.

Why don't you give it a go. The moon cup is available in our online store within the Lamazuna section. 

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