One person can make a difference, and everyone should try

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Quite a few years ago I wanted to educate people about chemicals (BPA) in their disposable plastic water bottles and started selling reusable stainless steel bottles

Nowadays I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of waste which is laying around when going for a walk. Or when going into a grocery shop I am often extremely sad about all the plastic packaging there is.

Because of that I sometimes question my purpose of getting more and more people to use reusable (zero waste) products and feel like giving up. So this morning when I did my stats and realised how many bottles I have sold over the last few years (over 10000) I felt quite inspired. I thought if everyone who bought a reusable bottle only uses it 10 times (hopefully more often) it would mean 100.000 less disposable products. And I haven't even calculated the stats for my other reusable products like the glass straws

Like John F. Kennedy has said "One person can make a difference, and everyone should try". 

I encourage everyone to look at the waste you are producing and see if you can find reusable alternatives (for inspiration please have a look in our online shop). For us and our animals and for our planet. Every little helps...

Enjoy the moment!


With kind wishes, Daniela

founder of a fine choice ltd


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