Cotton ear buds seem to be the new must have biodegradable product

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When I recently had a stall at Animal Aid's Christmas fair I was amazed on how quickly I had sold out on one product unexpectedly. The cotton ear buds by Hydrophil sold within 10 minutes after the fair had opened. Some people came back to buy more but they were all gone quickly. Here are a few more facts about the cotton ear buds and why I think they sold so quickly...

I think more and more people are becoming aware of the amount of plastic that they produce and many have started to actively reducing disposable products.

The cotton ear buds by Hydrophil are made of soft cotton and bamboo which means they are 100% biodegradable. After usage you can put them in your organic waste or compost were they will biodegrade over time. This means you don't need to use disposable plastic ear buds anymore. And by the way the packaging they come in (100 pieces per package) is made from recycled cardboard so overall a great sustainable product.

Next time I am running a stall I will make sure to take a much bigger amount of packages of cotton ear buds so I won't need to send people home without a new package of cotton ear buds.

If you would like to order the cotton ear buds in bulk for your home usage or to sell in your (eco) store please do get in touch with us on or register your interest of becoming a wholesale for our eco products here.

Enjoy the moment!

With kindes regards

Daniela, founder of a fine choice ltd.



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