HETU, a zero waste shop near Clapham Junction in London

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This morning I went to see Laura, the owner of Hetu, a zero waste shop in Clapham Junction, London. Hetu only opened in December and so far it is going really well. I delivered the bamboo toothbrushes by Hydrophil which you can buy in her shop, bought some nuts and grains, took a few photos, had a lovely chat with the owner and left inspired and happy I didn't have to buy food in plastic packaging this time.

I wished there were more shops like hers nearby as travelling from Twickenham to London is a little bit of a journey and taking all your shopping home in reusable shopping bags on the train might be tricky at times too.

Still a lovely experience. I would recommend everyone who lives around Clapham Junction to go to her shop and support her. Just bring your own container which will be weight before you start shopping. 

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