Zero waste - what does this mean?

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I came across the term ZERO WASTE a few months ago and couldn't believe there are actually people who don't create any waste or at least such a small amount of waste that I wondered how they do this. So I started to explore this more and have to say it's been quite a journey so far.

First of all I joined Facebook groups. The term zero waste gives you plenty of possibilities for those.

Then I started reading through the posts of other members. Wow, this is really a source of detailled knowledge. There are no quesions that stay unanswered and it is so inspiring to read what others do to reduce and reuse.

This is what I mainly found out so far:

1. try to avoid plastic and waste in the first place e.g. try to buy plastic free, find out where you can source certain products you need in a waste free version 

2. try to reuse everything. There are lots of opportunites to give away unused items to people that need them e.g. charities who collect certain items or people in your community who might exactly need what you don't need anymore

3. try to educate people for example by asking the waiter in a restaurant to not supply plastic straws as the default option

4. try not to get overwhelmed by all he rubbish laying around. There is a lot that needs to be done but every little helps and you have done the first step as you are reading this post!

5. take reusable items with you (reusable bottles, reusable mugs, reusable straws, cutlery & plates if you go to a festival, reusable shopping bags). Habits take time to change. I for example initially forget to take a reusable shopping bag when going out. Nowadays I always remember them 

6. try to make as much as possible in your own kitchen e.g. I do my own energy bars for the kid's lunch bag and I am very happy I don't have to buy bars anymore. It might also save you some money.

7. try to minimalise - lots of things you buy you might not even need so be a conscious buyer. You might even want to buy second hand instead of new. It might be an item someone else doesn't need anymore...

8. you need to clean your rubbish before recycling as otherwise it might be contaminated and therefore can't be recycled

9. imagine everyone would reduce their waste what an impact it would have on our lives, animals and the einvironment


I am now taking my personal experience further and into my business.

I have always provided people with reusable eco products but didn't have the term zero waste in mind.

I have also always sourced packaging material by reusing unused packaging material which I received from friends, orders to myself or landfill.

For the future I am planning on going zero waste for my business packaging. I am going to source an alternative to bubble wrap for fragile products and I am going to source a biodegradable option instead of disposable brown packaging band.

Every little steps help... maybe I've inspired you to join in today?

Thank you for reading through this. I am planning on many more zero waste articles in the near future.



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