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A great thing that really helped me and my business at the beginning (and still does) is skill swapping. I got to know a lot of people, especially women, who decided not to go back to work after having children and set up their own business instead. Those people already possess  lots of invaluable skills from their previous job. Most also added important skills whilst setting up their own business.

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When I had my first child I thought oh my god I need to go back to work as quickly as I can as being a new mum was a tough call compared to working as a project manager in a bank. I was not used to constant screaming and the demand of myself. I didn’t know how to manage nights without my husband when he was on business and I couldn’t really deal with my sleep deprivation. Although I have to admit having one child is very easy compared to having three but I didn’t know that at this point yet.

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Do you also sometimes wonder how amazing it is that your kids are totally different from each other despite treating them in the same way? I’ll give you an example about eating habits of my three kids.

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I’ve been thinking about ideas  how to combine my family life and work for quite a while. I knew I wouldn’t go back to my old job, working maniac five days a week and not seeing the kids most of the day. Additionally, it is usually my turn to stay at home when the kids get sick or during term breaks. A part time job didn’t seem to be an option either as my previous  job required to be present full time. So I was thinking about being self-employed and had a few ideas spinning in my head already.



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