Solid toothpaste which is plastic free and vegan. Lamazuna offers a wide range of natural products which don't cause any waste. So if you are on a zero waste journey and would love a zero waste bathroom you will love this zero waste toothpaste which is handmade in France.

We carry the following flavours at the moment:

  • solid toothpaste by Lamazuna with a lemon sage flavour
  • solid toothpaste by Lamazuna with a peppermint flavour
  • solid toothpaste by Lamazuna with a cinnamon flavour

All our products are vegan and cruelty free. They are available for retail and wholesale. 

Lamazuna solid toothpaste

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<img src="lamazuna-zero-waste-toothpaste-vegan-toothpaste-brands-zero-waste-zero-waste-bathroom-toothpaste-cinnamon.jpg" alt="lamazuna-zero-waste-toothpaste-vegan-toothpaste-brands-zero-waste-zero-waste-bathroom-toothpaste-cinnamon" />

Lamazuna solid toothpaste cinnamon

Lamazuna, a french zero waste and natura...

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99
<img src="lamazuna-zero-waste-toothpaste-vegan-toothpaste-brands-zero-waste-zero-waste-bathroom-toothpaste-peppermint.jpg" alt="lamazuna-zero-waste-toothpaste-vegan-toothpaste-brands-zero-waste-zero-waste-bathroom-toothpaste-peppermint" />

Lamazuna solid toothpaste peppermint

Solid toothpaste, really? Yes! We found ...

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99
<img src="lamazuna-zero-waste-toothpaste-vegan-toothpaste-brands-zero-waste-zero-waste-bathroom.jpg" alt="lamazuna-zero-waste-toothpaste-vegan-toothpaste-brands-zero-waste-zero-waste-bathroom" />

Lamazuna solid toothpaste sage lemon

Lamazuna offers a wide range of natural ...

£9.99 Ex Tax: £9.99



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