Stainless Steel Water Bottles, BPA free

Did you know that drinking from aluminium and plastic bottles can cause health problems? They often contain chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol a) which are not healthy for your body (for more info see FAQ section). That's the reason we are offering you a range of stainless steel water bottles to drink from. We've got Green Bottle, a single wall stainless steel water bottle and we've got Contigo, an insulated (double wall) stainless steel bottle. Insulated bottles keep your drinks cold and warm. The Green Bottle range keeps the water fairly cold too but you can't keep drinks warm in them. Both brands are BPA free and don't leach any nasty chemicals into you drinks. For use at home or outside. A fine choice!


Stainless Steel Water Bottles, BPA free

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<img src="replacement-sports-cap-stainless-steel-water-bottle-sports-cap-350ml-600ml.jpg" alt="replacement-sports-cap-stainless-steel-water-bottle-sports-cap-350ml-600ml"

Replacement sports cap for 350ml/600ml stainless steel water bottle

Replacement sports cap for 12oz/350ml an...

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99
<img src="replacement-twist-cap-stainless-steel-water-bottle-twist-cap-350ml-600ml.jpg" alt="replacement-twist-cap-stainless-steel-water-bottle-twist-cap-350ml-600ml"

Replacement twist cap for 350ml/600ml stainless steel water bottle

Replacement twist cap for 12oz/350m...

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99
<img src="water-bottle-rainforest-green-600ml-stainless-steel-bpa-free-green-bottle-stanley-school.jpg" alt="water-bottle-rainforest-green-600ml-stainless-steel-bpa-free-green-bottle-stanley-school" />

stainless steel water bottle Rain Forest Green with Stanley school logo

This stainless steel water bottle is per...

£8.00 Ex Tax: £8.00
<img src="cap-dogs-water-bottle-750ml-bpa-free-stainless-steel-green-bottle-a-fine-choice.jpg" alt="cap-dogs-water-bottle-750ml-bpa-free-stainless-steel-green-bottle-a-fine-choice" />

Replacement doggie cap for 750ml stainless steel water bottle

Replacement doggie cap for 750ml bo...

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99



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