Yes, kids can drink from our glass straws! Our reusable glass drinking straws are made from very strong glass. It won't break when your child bites on it. Just handle with care like you would do with a glass and you are on the safe side. By choosing our glass straws for kids by Strawesome you are making a healthier choice for your kids and you help the environment at the same time. No more disposable plastic straws! Our reusable glass drinking straws are eco-friendly and don't contain toxins like BPA. The kids range is available in regular or smoothie in a variety of different colours.

And the best thing is: the manufacturer Strawesome in the US where the straws are handmade offers a lifetime guarantee against breakage!

P.S. Did you now drinking through a straw is healthier for your kid's teeth? See our related press articles in our press section.



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<img src="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-aquamarine-straws-wholesale-straws.jpg" alt="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-aquamarine-straws-wholesale-straws" />

glass straw kids size in aquamarine bendy straw with lifetime guarantee

Help the environment! Make a better choi...

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99
<img src="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-blue-wholesale-straws-a-fine-choice.jpg" alt="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-blue-wholesale-straws-a-fine-choice" />

glass straw kids size in blue bendy straw with lifetime guarantee

Let your kids drink from a healthy straw...

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99
<img src="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-purple-straws-wholesale-straws.jpg" alt="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-purple-straws-wholesale-straws" />

glass straw kids size in purple bendy straw with lifetime guarantee

BPA free and reusable what else do you w...

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99
<img src="glass-straw-kids-size-pink-bendy-straw-set-brush-case-a-fine-choice.jpg" alt="glass-straw-kids-size-pink-bendy-straw-set-brush-case-a-fine-choice" />

SET: glass straw for smoothies kids size with brush and purple carrying case

An ideal gift for a girl (or a boy ...

£19.96 £14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99
<img src="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-green-straws-wholesale-straws.jpg" alt="kids-straws-glass-straws-bendy-straws-reusable-straws-green-straws-wholesale-straws" />



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