Keeping the milk for your baby warm for a few hours? Our insulated two bottle tote will be something for you. Insulation works for up to 4 hours with our eco-friendly and BPA-free two bottle tote "Baby Blue Stripes" by Built

  • Insulated bottle tote for two baby bottles
  • Design: Baby Blue Stripes
  • BPA free, no PVC, vinyl-free,
  • tested for FDA food safety, lead safety and phthalates
  • made from neoprene (wetsuit material)
  • dimensions: W 22.1 x H 20.96 x D 7 cm
  • ideal for on the go
  • handle opens and closes to attach to buggy, handbag etc.
  • eco friendly and reusable
  • insulates up to four hours depending on external temperatures
  • machine washable, drip dry
  • stain resistant
  • light weight, durable
  • stretches to fit baby bottle, sippy cup, etc.
  • zipper closure
  • going green
  • stores flat
  • a fine choice







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