Got it all: BPA free, vegan, sustainable and biodegradable - our bamboo toothbrush in red colour, vegan, sustainable and biodegradable

  • bamboo toothbrush
  • colour: red
  • style: tooth brush for adults
  • bristles: medium
  • BPA free
  • toxin free
  • tooth brush is made from bamboo, bristles are made from BPA free nylon
  • vegan
  • eco friendly
  • lightweight (17g)
  • susbtitutes plastic tooth brushes that harm our environment
  • other colours available
  • bamboo toothbrushes for kids also available
  • discount if you order 5 or more
  • a fine choice
  • wholesale prices available

Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns on our bamboo tooth brushes.

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