Sale <img src="glass-straw-cleaning-brush-carrying-case-reusable-eco-vegan-bpafree.jpg" alt="glass-straw-cleaning-brush-carrying-case-reusable-eco-vegan-bpafree" />

A lovely git idea for everyone who wants to take their glass straw with them. Our glass straws are very sturdy and don't easily break. Set of one pinky green decorative smoothie glass straw, one pink carrying case and one cleaning brush

  • Set of straight cocktail glass straw in lagoon design, cleaning brush and pink carrying case
  • our drinking straws are made of very strong glass 
  • length 6", outer diameter: 9.5mm
  • reusable
  • vegan
  • very strong glass (borosilicate glass)
  • no BPA
  • dishwasher safe
  • handmade and imported from the United States
  • lifetime guarantee against breakage by Strawesome
  • other designs available
  • substitutes disposable plastic straws
  • a fine choice!

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