This is THE ultimative gift box for every zero waste lover. Our zero waste gift pack contains 1 solid shampoo for normal hair, 1 solid deodorant, 1 solid toothpaste and 1 oriculi.

  • all vegan
  • zero waste products sit loosely wrapped in paper stripes in the wooden box, apart from the solid toothpaste which is packaged in a compostable carton due to hygienc reasons.  Application instructions can be found on each label.
  • the solid shampoo, solid deodorant and solid toothpaste can be used about twice the time compared to conventional products so you safe about 6 bottles of plastic products in total plus numerous disposable swabs by using the oriculi to clean your ears
  • wooden box measurements 11.5 x 12 x 12 cm
  • all products apart from the oriculi are handmade in France by Lamazuna who produces zero waste bathroom products, oriculi is reponsibly made in Asia
  • the wooden box and filling material are all compostable
  • eco friendly and sustainable
  • zero waste Bathroom
  • zero waste LIFESTYLE
  • a fine choice
  • for Lamazuna wholesale prices please see our wholesale section

Please note that due to hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns on our Lamazuna products.

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